Thursday, June 5, 2008 funny little gal!

I just tho't I'd share a laugh for the day from Brianna.
Someone sent her an autograph dog for graduation. She was so
excited about taking it to school for her class to sign.
I tho't it would be best to to put it in a large ziploc bag since
it's all white and that might help it not get so dirty. Anyway...
she didn't see me slide it in the bag....but as she was zipping up
her back pack she saw it and LOUDLY exclaimed, "Hey why'd you put
that in a bag? I don't put my dog Tess in a bag! Dog's don't belong
in a bag!!" Needless to say I got so tickled....more with the mental
picture she must have of me trying to get our HUGE dog Tess in a
ziploc bag to take it somewhere!!
Kids are so funny with there great imaginations and what they think.....
usually comes out!! :)

Monday, June 2, 2008


I can hardly believe we are just 4 days away from the end of yet another school year.
I used to laugh at people who said....."just you wait the older you get the faster time will fly"....I am NOT laughing now!! TIME is flying faster and faster. It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed our precious "surprise" (but very wanted) bundle of joy named Brianna Lenae into our world. She is so full of life...has more energy than our whole family put together....and brings more laughter into our home than ever before.
It seems like yesterday her daddy and I walked her to her first day of school....she has loved school, her teachers, friends and of course PE!! :) Just yesterday she told us she tho't that they should just have 1 day of school and learn everything that 1 day....cause it takes sooo long to get home in the afternoon. :) This coming Friday she will take a walk down the aisle and officially graduate from Kindergarten. I don't know about you other mom's....but did any of you ever wish you could just stop time and keep them right there? I know it sounds like I'm a wimp....but LIFE just seems to be so much easier in kindergarten. On Memorial Day Grant turned on a video of when Brittany (who is now 20) graduated from kindergarten. I said to Grant, "oh honey I wish we could have just stopped time right there"....I guess I REALLY don't wish that deep down...cause I know the stage of life with our 3 older ones are for the most part wonderful. Challenging?? for sure and I find myself Mentally down on my knees most of the day...asking God over and over for wisdom. And as we watch our baby take those steps to receive her Kindergarten diploma I know that our Heavenly Father knows the plans he has for's just this mommy is struggling once again with how fast TIME seems to be going. I want to capture every moment...hold onto the memories and love our little bundle of joy thru all the next stages of life. We love you Brianna and are so proud of you!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Geico vs. State Farm.....

Our oldest daughter Brittany had a bit of a fender/bender 2 weeks ago. Discussing the details at the dinner table one night last week...I told Grant that State Farm had called in regards to the accident to ask some questions etc. We were chatting about the cost involved and whether her insurance would go up. Grant said, "Well, unfortunately if the insurance does go up...Brittany will just have to pay it."....all was quiet for just a moment and Brianna, our 5 year old let out a sigh and said, "Hmmm...she'll just have to get Geico" Believe me there was much laughter around our table! The funny thing is we didn't even know she had ever heard of Geico...let alone to say it all in the right are sooo funny!!

Finally here...

I am finally and officially a blogspot blogger!!
WOW...since I HATE change I have been resiting this move!! :)
Life is busy as always here at HS....but God is good and hopefully
I can stay in touch w/many of you!
Have a blessed week!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Well....after having LOTS of trouble and frustration w/my Yahoo 360 blog...I have decided like MANY others to find another place to blog.
I have had a tough time here as well...I am NOT computer literate...I'm learning more daily...but If it doesn't work quickly I don't have alot of time (or patience :) to put in to fixing as many of you have noticed my last post was back in July!! :)
You can tell this is not a priority for me..and yet I LOVE keepin in touch w/so many of you out there in blogger land!!
Drop me a note and let me know how things are in your world!
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Home from Romania

Hi Ya'll....just back from Romania. I am trying so hard to stay awake!! :)
It is a rainy day here in South FL....I am so happy to be home. God gave us a
great TLC trip. I had the best team ever! I have so many memories and today I felt
a little down. I wanted to come HOME so badly and see my family....and now that I'm
HOME I miss my team, The Hausman's and Sally and the children in Romania we fell in
love with.
I guess that's how it goes. I also felt so guilty in the grocery store yesterday with all
the choices. We are so blessed here.
Decided to open this blog to keep in touch with so many friends here.
Stay in touch.